About HD Fanatic

HDFanatic was created by Tim Rempel – an avid rider and Harley Davidson enthusiast. HD-Fanatic.com serves as an online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about owning these motorcycles. We share info about everything from buying/selling, maintenance, modifications, and detailing tips.

My Story

Why a Harley Davidson Night Train?

It actually began with my father. He started riding motorcycles as a teenager, before he was even licensed to drive a car. His dream bike was always a Harley Davidson and after a few decades of hard work, he was able to afford a Dyna Wide Glide in pristine condition. He still owns that bike to this day.

I wasn’t initially into Harley Davidsons. But after being around my dad’s bike all the time, I realized that one like his would fit me perfectly as a first bike. So I began shopping online for something similar in size to his bike but a little more my style – the Softail Night Train.

I ended up finding an eBay listing that had no reserve and no bids on it yet. So I told myself, “I’ll place 1 bid and if someone outbids me, it wasn’t meant to be“. Well, someone outbid me with 3 minutes remaining in the auction. So I did exactly what I said I wouldn’t, and got into a last-minute bidding war.

It cost me a few extra hundred bucks, but I won. By the way, the bike was located in Sedalia, Missouri – and I’m in Ontario, Canada. We had a bit of a drive (and lots of paperwork) ahead of us. We ended up loading it onto a Uhaul trailer and dragging it home 11 hours in a thunderstorm.

Fast forward 8 years, and I still love to take this bike out for a rip any chance I get. My son might only be 7 months old but he seems to already love our bikes!

“I’ll place 1 bid, and if anyone outbids me, it wasn’t meant to be”
Tim Rempel
– Winner of the auction… after a bidding war
What We Believe

Ride ’em hard, then clean ’em up.

With over 15 years of personal and professional detailing experience, I know how to make a bike look good. I’m excited to share lots of tips and tricks to help you enjoy riding your Harley, while keeping it looking brand new (or better!)

We had plenty of dumb questions when we first got our bikes. Can you run regular octane gas? Do you need to lock the fork and ignition every time you stop for a coffee? What kind of motor oil should you use and how often do you change it?

We’ll be answering all of that as well as everything you need to know when it comes to owning a Harley Davidson.