Questions to Ask Your Harley Davidson Dealership Salesperson

Walking into a Harley Davidson dealership can feel a bit intimidating to a newcomer – especially if you’re there to buy your first bike. Whether you’re buying with cash or financing, this is a pretty big purchase for the vast majority of people. So make sure you’re having a proper discussion with your salesperson so that you can make an informed decision.

Before we get into some questions you should be asking the Harley Davidson salesperson, you need to make sure you’ve done your homework. Have you spent some serious time researching the different models, reading reviews, and searching sites like this one for information?

If not, you need to do that long before walking onto the sales floor. The people at the dealership will be happy to help guide you through the process, but it’s not up to them to make decisions for you.

The key to a successful purchase lies in gathering necessary information about the motorcycle itself, as well as the dealership’s services and offerings. Asking the right questions can help you determine the best fit for your needs and preferences, and prevent any surprises down the line.

Here are some questions you’re going to want to ask your Harley Davidson salesperson:

Which Model Do You Think Is Right For Me?

It’s important to communicate your level of experience and the type of riding you plan on doing. This will help the salesperson understand your needs and suggest a suitable model for you.

For example, if you’re a beginner, they might recommend a lighter and more forgiving bike, while experienced riders may want to explore powerful options that can handle different terrains and longer rides.

Asking the dealership for their opinion on the best model for you can be extremely beneficial, as they have a wealth of knowledge on the various bikes and their features. Keep in mind that some Harley models might be more suitable for particular riding styles, such as touring, cruising, or commuting.

Share your preferences and expectations with the salesperson, and they’ll provide you with valuable advice tailored to your individual requirements.

Feel free to ask for pros and cons of the recommended models and test ride them if possible. This will give you a firsthand experience of how each bike feels on the road, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Remember, the key to finding the perfect Harley Davidson for you is to be open to suggestions and take your time exploring the options, as there’s sure to be a bike that meets all your needs and expectations.

Do You Sell Many Of These?

When you’re browsing through the various Harley-Davidson models at the dealership, it can be helpful to get a feel for the popularity of the bikes that interest you. To do this, simply ask the salesperson, “Is the model I’m interested in a hot seller?”

This friendly inquiry will help you gauge the demand for specific models and can offer insights into the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with each choice.

It’s important to understand that every rider has different preferences, so don’t solely rely on the popularity of a specific model to make your decision.

Instead, use this information to help guide your research as you weigh the various features, capabilities, and price points of the bikes that have caught your eye.

Remember, the salesperson is there to help you make an informed decision about your purchase, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage in conversation about the models you’re considering.

By having an open and friendly dialogue about the popularity of certain motorcycles, you’ll be better equipped to make a decision that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

What Kind of Support or Follow Up Service Does The Dealership Provide?

When you’re talking to a Harley Davidson dealership, it’s important to inquire about the support and services they offer after you purchase your motorcycle. In a friendly tone, ask them about the different ways they stand behind their products, including warranties, complimentary service, and return policies.

Warranties are essential as they protect you against any manufacturing defects and provide coverage for necessary repairs. Make sure to ask the dealership about the duration of the warranty and what is included in the coverage.

It’s also helpful to find out whether the warranty is transferable if you ever decide to sell your motorcycle.

In addition to warranties, a dealership may offer complimentary services like periodic maintenance checks. These services can help you keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape and ensure a smooth ride.

Don’t forget to ask about the schedule for these maintenance checks and whether there’s any cost associated with them.

Finally, discuss the dealership’s return policy. Although it’s uncommon for anyone to return a Harley they purchase, it’s always good to know your options in case of any issues. Ask the dealer what would happen if you end up in that situation.

Are There Any Upcoming Promotions or Discounts?

As you’re browsing through the options at the Harley-Davidson dealership, don’t hesitate to ask your friendly dealer about any upcoming promotions or discounts. Dealerships often have limited-time offers that you can take advantage of to save some money on your purchase.

You might find deals on a variety of items including, but not limited to, riding gear, motorcycle upgrades, and accessories. By inquiring about these opportunities, you could score some exclusive savings on essential gear to make your riding experience even more enjoyable.

Additionally, it’s worth asking about any special financing rates available for motorcycle purchases. Dealerships may occasionally offer lower interest rates, which could result in significant savings over the long term.

Remember, every bit counts when it comes to investing in your dream bike, so don’t be shy about exploring all the ways you can secure the best deal possible.

Is This Model In Stock Or Does It Need To Be Ordered?

One of the first questions you’ll want to ask your Harley-Davidson dealership is whether they have the model you’re interested in on the showroom floor or if you’ll need to order it. This is important because finding out they don’t have your desired model in stock could impact your purchasing timeline.

If it turns out that the model you want needs to be ordered, make sure to inquire about the lead time and when you can expect to receive it. This information can help you plan accordingly and set realistic expectations for when you’ll be able to ride your new motorcycle.

Remember, asking these questions underlines your due diligence in finding the perfect Harley-Davidson motorcycle for you. It also ensures that you’re fully prepared and informed throughout the entire purchasing process. So, don’t hesitate to get those answers and embark on your exciting journey with your new Harley-Davidson!

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